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When all else fails, Muse Torture is in order.

were in ur musedom, insirin' ur awthurz!

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Name:The Millennia Muses
Birthdate:Aug 25
Location:Austin, Texas, United States of America
Website:Millennia Studios

milennia_muses is where darkjediprinces keeps her unfinished FanFic and Original Story chapters, as well as unfinished artwork.

If you're looking for completed FanFic and FanArt, or for Graphics, Icons, Brush Sets, or Layouts, please make your way to millenniaff, which is DJP's community for completed FanWork, Graphics, Icons, Layouts, and Brush Sets.

If you're in the mood for something original (and completed), please work your way to indagatioeterna for miscellanneous original works, or to heartsdiscord for DJP's original High Fantasy novel "Heart's Discord" and accompanying artwork.

(In Order of Enlistment With Millennia)

[x] Ryou - Artwork, Science Fiction, Chapter Planning
[x] Espy - Pokémon, Romance, Naming
[x] Heka - Originals, Poetry Creature Development
[x] Nefertiri - Harry Potter, Urban Fantasy, Sequencing
[x] Yami-sama - Yu-Gi-Oh!, Drama, Conceptual Work
[x] Ael-chan (martyfan) - Stargate SG-1, Comedy, Real-Life Integrations
[x] miniChris (kawaiispinel) - Crossovers, LiveJournal Icons, Titling
[x] chibiAlli (alilnightmusic) - Vampirefic, Slash, World Development
[x] miniDamos (damostaranth) - Miscellanneous Fandom, Gothic Fantasy, PlotPoints
[x] Tozokuou-sama - Egyptfic, Hentai/Smut, Character Development
[x] Grim - Angelic Secrets/DBFSOnline/LiveJournal Layouts, Horror/Suspense, Torture Scenes
     SUBMUSE: Mandy; designs totrue scenarios, then passes them off to Grim so he can help Kat write them.
[x] Darth Revan - Star Wars, Angst, Fandom Integration
     SUBMUSE: HK-47; Helps write sci-fi battle scenes.
[x] FullMetal - Full Metal Alchemist, Action/Adventure, Technology Development
[x] Shinnouhi-sama - Avatar: the Last Airbender, OC-Centric Fic, Setting Development
[x] ChimeraBoi - Slayers, High Fantasy, Spell Writing

Quick Links

[x] Complete Tag List
[x] Genre and Musedom Definitions

DJP's Other Journals

[x] darkjediprinces - Personal Journal (FRIENDS ONLY)
[x] millenniaff - Completed FanFiction, FanArt, Graphics, Layouts, Icons, and Brush Sets
[x] indagatioeterna - Miscellanneous Original Fiction
[x] heartsdiscord - "Heart's Discord", an original High Fantasy novel

Other Musedoms

[x] Brick to the Head - The FanFiction of Ael L. Bolt aka martyfan
[x] SpinelSoft Inc. - The FanFiction of Kawaii Spinel


[x] Icons by darkjediprinces
[x] Corner brushes in Profile images by spiritsighs
[x] Fonts: Elegant (Images), Tahoma (Main Journal Text)
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